About company

The company "Sintegrus" specializes in the professional provision of technical support services for business, scientific and political meetings. In other words, we are ready to solve any task of supplying and servicing all kinds of equipment for any event. The quality and breadth of the assortment of equipment makes it possible to carry out complex technical support of any conferences, congresses, seminars, symposiums, round tables - from local to top-level ones.

Following the path of an individual approach to each order, over 9 years of existence we helped to organize about 1,400 congresses and conferences, giving each event as much attention as possible.

We are proud of our participation in such forums as the Petersburg Dialogue, G-20 events and Skolkovo, but we treat them with the same responsibility as the rest of the events. We enjoy working with all our customers. And, judging by their feedback, they are also pleased with the cooperation with us.


The assortment of means of the company "Syntegus" for the technical equipment of the events includes simultaneous interpretation systems, amplification equipment, conference systems "round table", video projection systems, multimedia equipment, sound and video recording systems, plasma panels, electronic voting systems, etc. The basis of the proposal is the DIGITAL equipment of Bosch company: the Bosch Integrus simultaneous interpretation system and the Bosch DCN congress system.The tasks that accompany any major event with international participation are diverse. In addition to simultaneous interpretation, advanced technical support of conferences or technical equipping of "turnkey" events is required: electronic voting; Providing sound, light and multimedia equipment; Organization of the press center, video broadcasts and video recording. Working on the project, we not only provide technical equipment for conferences and provide its services, but also build interaction with other suppliers in such a way as to prevent disruptions during operation of the entire complex of equipment at the event. We work with qualified interpreters and synchronists and are able to offer both technical support for the project and simultaneous interpretation services. We are ready to assume the complex technical support of any event organized by you